Speaking in Public

Whether working with groups or one-on-one Davidʼs entertaining and
enlightening approach gives every participant time and space to practise their
public speaking skills.

David brings an understanding and compassionate attitude to overcoming
each individualʼs concerns and conflicts about talking in front of large groups.

All participants will be encouraged to ʻhave a goʼ, to try delivering text of their
own choice and receive supportive and constructive feedback.

What You’ll Learn

Warm-up and vocal exercises: articulation, breath, and projection

“Get ʻem to like you!” – easier than it sounds

How to be ʻyouʼ in public – not as easy as it sounds

ʻStage frightʼ – what it is and how to beat it

Line-learning – how to learn chunks of text and recite with confidence

Using autobiography or Honesty is the best speech-writer or How to
expose yourself in public without getting arrested

Tricks of the stage – actorsʼ tricks for effective communication

Taking the stand – create your own speech, monologue or
presentation with Davidʼs expert professional coaching

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