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Airport security will soon flow faster

Great news for anyone who travels for business or pleasure. By June 2024, some of the stricter security rules that cover things like laptops and liquids in your hand luggage will be scrapped. It’s all thanks to new hi-tech scanners that most airports will be expected to install to speed up pre-boarding checks and improve security.

The new rules will make it far easier to pack your bags – and navigate your way through security:

  • Liquid limits will be increased from 100ml to two litres – no need to put items like toothpaste, sun cream, shampoo or mascara in a clear plastic bag.
  • Electrical items will NOT need to be put in a tray  – so your laptop, tablet, kindle and hair straighteners can stay in your bags at security.

The new scanners will be similar to CT scanners used in hospitals and will give security staff far more detailed images of what’s in your luggage. They’re already in use at airports in the United States, such as O’Hare airport in Chicago, and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. The move will be a great investment in UK air travel that will ensure our airports are truly world-class.

“The new technology will reduce queue times, improving the passenger experience and, most importantly, detecting potential threats.”

Mark Harper, Transport Secretary

The new legislation will be phased in across the country over the next two years. Until then, the current rules still apply, so make sure you check before travelling. And don’t forget that clear plastic bag…

What do you dislike most about airport security? Have a little rant rant in the comments below.

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    What I find most frustrating about airport security is having to remove coats and shoes. Of course, security must take priority. But currely I have to wear something that I can get on and off easily, like trainers or sliders. Not the greatest look if you’re travelling to a smart destination.

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