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Hello World!

More years ago than I care to remember, I found myself happily single. It took a little getting used to. Shopping for one isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially when you’re used to filling your couple-sized trolley and freezer with supermarket goodies. But gradually I got into the swing of things and realised there was a whole way of living that didn’t involve compromise. From what to watch on the TV to where to hang out at the weekend. I was in charge. Me. Master of my own destiny.

So I decided to put my big girl’s pants on and embrace everything the single life had to offer – and that included solo travel.

I dipped my toe in the water with a trip to Singapore, staying at a friend’s apartment before booking a five-day adventure to a tiny Malaysian island prior the return flight home. Since then, I’ve explored Cuba, cycled across Quebec, stayed on an island off Venezuela, and embarked on a Northern Lights Cruise to the Arctic Circle. Not to mention clocking up some incredible city breaks everywhere from Chicago to Paris .

I suppose you could say I found my adventurous side. Travelling solo can be extremely liberating. It also offers a fantastic opportunity to explore ideas and places from your own perspective, not through the interests or desires of a significant other. And that can be extremely fulfilling.

Of course, it takes a little courage. Booking that first trip can feel overwhelming until you realise that there are hundreds of other single people embarking on the same solo journey as you. And once you have that first adventure under your belt, there’ll be no stopping you. Hello world!


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