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VIP flight check-in

Jet2holidays’ Free Resort Flight Check-in is a game-changer for anyone travelling solo. It takes the hassle out of dragging a suitcase around on the last day of your holiday, leaving it unattended in the hotel foyer, or baby-sitting it when you could be lounging by the pool.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check in online and print your boarding passes before you travel
  2. On the day you fly home, drop your bags with the Free Resort Flight Check-In Team at the hotel reception
  3. Show your passport, answer the usual security questions and get your luggage receipt
  4. Your bags will be taken to the Jet2 Ground Operations Team at your departure airport
  5. Jet2 will make sure they are safely stored on the aircraft before you fly
  6. You can enjoy your hotel until your transfer pick-up time
  7. You’ve got your boarding pas so you can go straight to airport security
  8. Your luggage will be on the carousel waiting for you after you land

Is it as good as it sounds?
Yes it is! I tried the service for the first time on a recent trip to Lanzarote. Until ten minutes before my pick up time I was relaxing by the pool sipping sparkling water and enjoying the winter sunshine. A quick change into the crease-proof travel outfit I had rolled up in my hand luggage and I was good to go.

Can anyone use the service?
As long as your hotel offers the service and your departure is after 11am, you can use the Free Resort Flight Check-In service.

Want to know more?
Watch the Free Resort Flight Check-in video here.

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