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Kaboodle Originals

Stylish, contemporary and one of a kind – just like you.

Kaboodle Originals is the home of originality. A collection of one-off and upcycled homeware and gifts that will bring a unique vibe to your style.

Discover unique pieces like the kintsugi-inspired Japanese Bowl. This Kintsugi-style wooden bowl hints at the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending it with lacquer dusted with powdered gold. A philosophy that embraces the flawed and imperfect by highlighting cracks and repairs with golden seams, so they become a beautiful part of the story of a much-loved object. In ebony and gold, this unique bowl is just £25.00 and will make a real style statement in your home.

Other notable pieces include this ultra-cool bedside table, finished with a decoupage of Victorian Natural History illustrations and featuring an antique bronze drawer handle and metal hairpin legs. An absolute one off and a steal at only £95.00. Matching side tables and memory boxes are also available.

We also love the hand finish on the Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Memory Box. It’s the perfect place to store any treasures you collect on your solo adventures such as event tickets, business cards, shells, stones and feathers.

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